The workshops are offered in the context of the larger research project ‘Dramaturgy at Work’ that has led to the publication of the book The Practice of Dramaturgy: Working on Actions in Performance (Valiz 2016). They are addressed to performance artists, theatre and dance makers, dramaturges and theorists, postgraduate and research students in the larger field of performance, who work at the limits and intersections of theory and practice.

From 2014 a series of workshops have taken place in different European cities and contexts (University departments, research centres, production houses, residency centres, etc), as well as in different social and political environments (Central, West, South, East Europe).

Each workshop is organized according to the characteristics and needs of the specific frame in which it takes place, and explores dramaturgy from a specific perspective (artistic, educational, social, etc.), depending on the background and research interests of its participants and the three facilitators.