Amsterdam – July 2015

Developing and sharing artistic practices: on the creation of working frames in dramaturgical processes

Part of WE LIVE HERE 2015

Tues 7th – Thurs 9th July 2015


This workshop focused on the notion and practices of ‘work’. What interests us here are the working methods that emerge in the context of the contemporary performing arts, the specific modes of encounter each one of them suggests and the different social implications these may have. During three days, participants shared, explored and invented ways of working (together), taking up a dramaturgical point of view. Our starting point is that today, more than ever, artists are required to move flexibly from project to project, to adapt to diverse working conditions (financial, artistic, political), to be constantly creative and reflective. Against this backdrop, we are interested in revealing, understanding, questioning, or potentially altering such precarious working conditions and their impact on our ways of moving and working (together).

Through individual and collaborative tasks, we attempted to identify and engage critically with contexts that define our working conditions (institutional, financial, aesthetic, environmental etc.), and to search for the dramaturgy that is “at work” in the ways that we work. At the same time, we sought to invent ways of producing work in order to introduce other types of encounter, mobility, relation and temporality. One of our main aims was therefore to generate a dramaturgical ‘tempo’ that gives us agency and allows us to intervene into the existing conditionings of our work.