Barcelona – November 2015

Dramaturgy at Work: on the development of artistic methodologies and dramaturgical practice in contemporary performance

Sun 29th – Mon 30th November 2015

Organised and hosted by Graner and Mercat de les Flors

Understanding dramaturgy as a ‘working on actions’, this workshop aims to develop and explore tools and methodologies that cross over the areas of dramaturgy, choreography and performance.

Inspired by Lehmann’s thought that today ‘the development of “the” dramaturgy of a postdramatic theatre is unthinkable; recommendations, let alone prescriptions, are no longer possible’ (Lehmann 2006), the workshop will draw on the work of the participants as paradigmatic dramaturgical suggestions, in order to discover inventive tools for the exploration and practice of an otherwise intangible and diverse area of interest. Individually and in groups, participants will elaborate on distinct dramaturgical models and questions central to contemporary performance practices, and engage in tasks that explore projects of their own and of others, verbally, in writing, or creatively on stage. The overall aim is to delve deeper into the creative process of the development of an artwork, addressing all aspects involved in it (such as: concept articulation, collaborative strategies, tools of generating material, relation to social and political contexts, etc).

More specifically, we will use various models of creating and responding to work in order to: a. expose, understand and construct dramaturgical thinking; b. consider how such thinking may inform an artistic process; c. place the participants’ work in a broader context of current performance practices. In this way, the workshop will address the notion of dramaturgy without a dramaturge, conceived as a shared intellectual responsibility that creates a common ground on which collaborators meet (Van Imschoot 2003).