Zagreb – October 2015

Working Dramaturgy: on artistic actions and social imaginings

Mon 19th – Tues 20th October 2015

Organised and hosted by DRAMATURGIJA

This workshops will focus on the relation between dramaturgy, artistic actions and social imaginings. Departing from the etymology of the term dramaturgy (deriving from the Greek drama=action + ergon=work), we are interested in ‘drama-turgy’ as a process of ‘working on actions’; as a shared working practice amongst collaborators that focuses on the creation of actions in the making process and in performance. At the same time, we remain carefully attentive towards the connection of these actions with their social and political context. What are the implications of such propositions for dramaturgy? And what further issues emerge? For example, what might it mean to be working on actions; how does one act; what are the boundaries or crossovers between art and activism; how is dramaturgy to be thought of in the context of artivism?

Moreover, if Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby (Speculating Everything, 2013) are correct when they argue that today’s dreams have been downgraded to hopes and that it is now easier for us to imagine the end of the world than an alternative to capitalism, in what ways could dramaturgical and artistic actions enable the creation of such alternatives, or what Dunne and Rady call ‘new dreams for the twenty-first century’?

Richard Sennett (Together, 2013) urges us all to look particularly at the performing arts if we want to reinvent ways of being and working together. Performing arts are namely one of the few areas today, where people still cooperate and depend on one another for the creation of work. Following his advice, how can we approach dramaturgy as a process that acts as a catalyst for collectively redefining our relationship to reality and allowing us to speculate and imagine our possible futures together?