Thessaloniki – May 2015

Contemporary dramaturgy: conditions of working and social imaginaries

Monday 4th – Wednesday 7th May 2015

Organised by the Institut Français de Thessalonique

Also supported by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network

The workshop was addressed to performance artists, dramaturges and theorists, and focused on the relation between artistic modes of work and their socio-political context. More specifically, we were interested in the way collaborative practices of artistic creation emerge according to the specific working conditions, needs and concerns of artists in Greece at the moment. In this way we sought to actively address Richard Sennett’s suggestion who argues that if we wish to reimagine our life, to work and create alternative ways of cooperation, we need to look particularly towards the performing arts; here we might detect some of the very few working frames wherein people still actively depend on each other in order to co-work and co-create.

Individually and in groups, workshop participants suggested dramaturgical models of cooperation and co-imagining through writing and reading tasks, as well as through the creation and presentation of small performance experiments. The main aim of this process was for participants to: (a) understand and construct dramaturgical thinking in relation to specific performance events, (b) consider how such thinking may inform their own artistic process, and (c) place their work in a broader context of current performance practices in Europe but also in the specific socio-political context they are created in.