Roundtable discussions

‘Dramaturgy at Work’ has involved a series of roundtable discussions, open to the public, that follow each one of the workshops. A number of international guests, whose practices are pertinent to our themes, are invited to offer their diverse perspectives on the subject matters that concern our research. Roundtable discussions are a way to further expand upon the questions that are addressed in each workshop.

Topics that have been discussed with our guests include:

  • Dramaturgy as practice
  • Dramaturgy with or without a dramaturg
  • ‘(Yet) New Dramaturgies’
  • Institutionalisation of dramaturgy
  • Dramaturgical methods and processes
  • Dramaturgy as ‘making-public’
  • The political in performance
  • Feedback as dramaturgy
  • Artistic and pedagogical processes of feedback
  • Feedback as an activity that implicates the social
  • Art and activism (artivism)
  • Action in society and in the arts
  • Political action, exodus (Virno), agonistics (Mouffe)
  • Conditions, contexts and frames of/for artistic work
  • Artistic and social imaginings
  • Artistic production and the political domain
  • Dramaturgy as ‘working on actions’
  • Dramaturgy and/as an arts’ practitioner’s theory of knowledge
  • Dramaturgy as interference and as sabotage
  • The stakes of dramaturgy

Invited guests: Ric Allsopp, Una Bauer, Simon Bayly, Maaike Bleeker, Andrea Božić, Emilyn Claid, Nicola Conibere, Guy Cools, Augusto Corrieri, Chloé Déchery, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Jeroen Fabius, Martin Hargreaves, Sebastian Hendrikx, Sara Manente, Eva Martinez, Betina Panagiotara, Nina Power, Goran Sergej Prištas/BADco, Anne Rieger, Sara de Roo, Lara Staal, Arabella Stanger, Joachim Robbrecht, Jonas Rutgeerts, Steriani Tsintziloni, Korina Vassiliadou, Jašna Žmak.