‘Dramaturgy at Work’ is a 3-year research project initiated by Konstantina Georgelou, Efrosini Protopapa and Danae Theodoridou.

The project crosses between the fields of dance, theatre, performance and theory, and addresses contemporary European perspectives on and practices of dramaturgy. We conceive dramaturgy here both as a significant process in the creation of contemporary performance, and as a critical practice closely related to the social and the political. Given our interest in the intersections between theory and practice, the project identifies and explores distinct and diverse dramaturgical tendencies, concepts and practices informed by our own artistic, research and educational practice.

The project consists of:

  • a series of workshops facilitated by the three researchers and focusing on dramaturgy, taking place all over Europe between 2014-2016
  • roundtable discussions that usually follow each one of the workshops, where a number of international guests are invited to offer their perspectives on dramaturgy
  • a book publication (2016) that functions as a space where to critically discuss central issues on the role of dramaturgy in contemporary performance, practice-as-research, and pedagogical processes, in today’s socio-political context in Europe